Its external view impress no less than the sound

Practice Sterium - 495




Sterium drum is a new chapter in the era of musical instruments.

This is the modern, precisely made tongue drum with an unbeatable design. Being designed and produced in Russia, it is to vanish the boarders, because it’s language is the music of the universe.

It suits everywhere, gives you a special individuality, and it’s really easy to play. Due to fine accordance, which remains unchanged for many year, you can also use your Practice Steriumdrum for commercial purposes. And it’s very nice to play when your stay alone, having a meditative state of mind.

Scientific fact - it’s vibes have relaxing and healing effect.

Revise your music perception with Sterium Drum - may be it’ll change your future.

Sample (Hand play) - Sterium drum

Sample (Playing with sticks) - Sterium drum

Technical specification

Sterium Drum with outstanding design

9 notes

pure sound

2 stage

manual tuning

3 mm

thickness of steel

40 cm

diameter of drum

4,5 kg

weight of drum

Aeolian: A D E F G A Bb C D
Overtone Scale: Bb D Eb F Gb Ab Bb C# D
Harmonic minor: A D E F G A Bb C# D
Hitzaz: A D Eb F# G A Bb C D
Dorian: A D E F G A B C D
Egyptian: A D E F G# A Bb C# D


Rotation draw-forming

Metal treating by high pressure during high-speed spinning, what allows to create spherical drum parts.

Laser 3D-carving

Manual TIG-welding

Heat gardening in gas furnace

Gives the overall hardness and connection bar of metal

Chemical treating

To give the metal strength and thanks to which instrument settings is done once and for all

Polishing in chrome

7-level polishing by different nozzles with various fraction for mirror outcome


High-accuracy equipment and precise manual work for setting each note

Practice Sterium kit

Kit includes:

Practice Sterium - 495